Can an employer make a happy work place in these hard economic times? conducted a survey of over 250,000 companies and found that your local store has made strides to make its employees happier. Target made 12% increase in happiness over last year. It had the biggest in employee happiness increase over Home Depot, Macy’s and even Wal-mart. I think this is important to the everyday family. Having worked for a company similar to Target, the satisfaction the employees have leads to caring about their customers. This could lead to a sense of family between the customer and the employee that is excellent for building and retaining business in this recession. Target had suffered an economic slowing in 2009 and 2010, so this retention of customers is important as the company looks for other ways regain the ones it lost during that time. Target is making it employees feel as if they are wanted. They are setting flexible schedules, chances for career advancement and great benefits. Also, the employees are working for less money because of the benefits package. Soaring medical cost are have people looking for the job with a comprehensive benefits package. And these people are staying with these companies because of this. Companies who make these concessions in the end will have a happier employee. The small concessions Target is making to it employees will pay dividends in the end. They will be spending less time training new employees, have less sick calls and have a happier employee while at work. Employees who feel appreciated work harder for the company and make it career instead of a pit-stop of a place to work.