Two co-presidents fighting for the title of president, is causing Morgan Stanley to lose business opportunities. The feud between the two has even become a laughing matter at company meetings. At this point in time, it is said to be possible that because of this lack of team effort, neither one may be a contender for the title of president. Is it worth it? These two seem to be so self-involved that they have become the laughing stock of company meetings, and are losing what both of their ultimate goal is. Although they have opposing views on company matters, their goal is similar. Is their self pride so great that they can’t work together for the benefit of the company and its employees?

A great lesson can be learned from this. Even some of the biggest names in the business world have struggles in working as one unit. For me, this raises some questions. First, what does the company do? Do they bring in a consultant to work on group dynamics? Do they give neither of them an opportunity for presidency? Based on this article, more needs to be done instead of laughing at the situation in meetings. The CEO is allowing this feud to continue as long as the group is still performing well. But what positive is
that doing? As long as there is a positive external outcome, it doesn’t matter what the work is like internally. This idea may work now, but thinking in the future, I see this plan failing miserably.