The Solheim Cup this year was an exciting 3 day match that captivated the fans following the tournament at Killeen Castle in Ireland.  Europe swept the USA in the final day, winning the tournament 15-13, which was Europe’s first win since 2003. The Solheim Cup tournament brings individual professional golfers together to form a team to represent the continent they are from. The amazing part of this tournament is that these individuals are competing against one another through out the entire year and are brought together for a three day tournament and form a unified team. While reading several articles about the tournament, I wondered if during such a short amount of time are the players able to form team roles and go through the different stages of development or the cyclical forms of development that are outlined by Daniel Levi?

Although traditionally golf is an individual sport, these athletes were able to come together as a team to accomplish the task at hand. What enabled these golfers to function so well as a team even though their teammates are their competitors throughout the rest of the year? As mentioned by Levi, members of successful teams have a definite understanding of the team’s goals and objectives. In this case, it was  winning the Solheim Cup.  Also, with the establishment of a caption for each of the teams, it seemed the golfers were able to go from an individual mentality to a group or team mentality with clearly defined team roles. In the article “Europe beats US to win Solheim Cup” the European team captain, Alison Nicholas, states that her “players have had such heart and passion and purpose. I hand it all to them. They’ve been unbelievable.”  Alison Nicholas also said “Europe’s win was the greatest achievement of her career.” Daniel Levi also states that social identity and group pride are two main pieces that make a group cohesive. The players were able to come together for a very short amount of time and form a team based on their pride and identity. All of the golfers at the Solheim Cup were there representing a particular continent and all had the same goal in mind; brining home the trophy!