LSU currently has the number 1 ranked football team, congratulations, so what?  Aside from keeping up with Pac 12 football, and overall team rankings, I am generally not knowledgeable about the composition and performance of other college football teams.  However, after reading about LSU’s journey as a team this year, I have a new respect for the resiliency, modesty, and attitude of the team.


During the preseason, LSU lost two key players, one of which was their starting quarterback, and faced a suspension of their starting wide receiver for three games.  I can imagine the changed the team dynamic and the necessary flexibility both the players and coaches had to face, along with the added pressure of such little time before the season started. To top things off, LSU was placed to play three ranked teams away from home.  The coach attributes the wins over these teams to the commitment of the players to the team, the ambition of the players, and the players’ acceptance of the fact that they will face obstacles and adversity repeatedly in their careers.  These are three characteristics that Janssen states are vital for a successful team.  LSU has clearly displayed their proficiency in each of these areas.


What I appreciate about #1 LSU?  The modest stance of the coach and the players.  Coach Les Miles states “Being No. 1 is no burden. There is no extra target on our back. Every time LSU goes to play, the other team is trying to beat us. We want to achieve. I know we haven’t arrived. We are not perfect.”  To me this shows that Miles, as well as the team, appreciates the process and maintains a motivation to constantly strive to improve.  Miles has been a great leader to the players, and the (current) players have been great leaders to one another as well.