What happens when you gather 24 of the nation’s best high school basketball players together? You get 24 different individual strategies and motives for the game. While all players typically share a common goal of becoming the MVP of the McDonald’s All-Star game, it is not the kind of goal that leads to excellent teamwork and championship team playing success. This has been proven when even the most unselfish players find themselves throwing up terrible shots and falling far short of one’s individual goal of breaking the game’s assist record. There is something about this specific game that causes the most conscientious players to listen to the devil on their shoulder without thinking of negative consequences for themselves or their future. For more than 30 years, this single game has been the game by which all other games are measured and, as a result, it has caused some interesting trends and figures.

This specific game demonstrates just how much playing for yourself instead of the team can ultimately hurt the one person you was trying to benefit the most: you. Players don’t always think about what is necessary to help them achieve their goal of a triple-double or 15 assists in a game. Players need someone to pass them the ball or run an offensive play in order for their goal to be attainable. Even the best players need to be reminded that it takes teamwork and communication to help individual players achieve team success, as well as individual success.