Team Color—Black or White Survey Says

In the world of sport there are many factors, circumstances and ethnicities that play into the make-up of teams and individual performers. Over the years and throughout the ages the conflict or color has predominately been black and white. ESPN recently conducted as survey on fans and race in sports. The survey consisted of a total of 1,822 people, showing that 1,213 were white, 435 were black, and the other 174 were of other racial backgrounds or could not be identified by ESPN.

The results imply that society has come a long way, but have not yet arrived. In the survey there was mention of people who are color blind and see no difference in players. Being a black woman I hear this statement and think, “that is the problem.” Yes, I understand that this statement is referring to individuals with non bias practices, and that philosophy should be the desired outcome but being color blind is not the answer. Being blind to the racial backgrounds of athletes is in many cases stiffening to the developmental process of a “minority” athlete. While many realize that there are differences between the black and white athlete few offer, or apply diverse techniques and styles for approaching, coaching, and mentoring these athletes, unless they are of the same race (non professional level). This inadvertently implies that one is truly only coaching a certain type of athlete rather than just one color.While the survey showed how fans perceived racial equality and opportunities for Africa -Americans in sports (see link for results below) I have to suggest that opportunity and equality are not the only areas needing to be addressed concerning the African -American athlete.