This past weekend I found myself planning for a session with a new team that I will be consulting with over the course of this year. In deciding what to cover during this initial session I was a little stumped- I mean I had ideas and new what the coach wanted me to cover- but I was blocked as to how I wanted to present the material in a unique, interactive and fun way. Then I happened to open Janssen’s book and behold- a world of possibilities! So many creative ways to guide a team through the process of creating a mission, pillars of success and goals.

A topic that the coach had suggested I cover was roles and making sure that all the girls understand how each one of them is such vital aspect of the team. Thank you to Janssen once again for saving the day with the “Strung Together” team building activity in the “roles” chapter. What a great activity- especially for a team of adolescent girls. I was moved and inspired as I led them through this activity on Sunday and it made me wish for more experience being part of a sports team- just to help me understand more about the dynamics. This activity went over very well with not only the girls but the coach as well- who emailed me post session to thank me for so many excellent activities.

As an athlete who has very little team experience, I am thankful for Janssen for sharing so many wonderful ideas that I can “borrow” when working with my teams in future consulting opportunities. After this weekend, I know that I will be cracking open the spine of that book many more times to reference some great team building activities.

In the process of writing this post I was struck by another thought- this class is about team building and I think we need to take into consideration that our class or cohort is a team as well- though we may all have individual goals- we are nonetheless “strung together” by similar experiences, knowledge and passion for the field of sport psychology. Maybe next time, rather than turing to Janssen for assistance, I might consider utilizing my own teammates as a source for ideas when working with a team. Sometimes I think we all get so caught up in our own tasks and ambitions that we forget what an amazing team we really are here and it just reminds me to make sure I take advantage of all the experience and amazingness that my classmates have to offer.