Focus, determination, hard work, perseverance. These are a few of the buzzwords that many athletes have been told they need to posses in order to succeed. The Clemson Tigers recently have shown that these traits do indeed lead to victory. Clemson who is 5-0, beat three straight top 25 competitors and are determined to win their division.  Although the Tigers recently have experienced victory, the Tigers past has not been as glorious. Swinney, the Tigers’ coach, believes that in order to succeed they will have to keep their focus. Swinney bluntly commented  that ““you can fall a whole lot quicker than you can climb.” Will the pressure of their successful season impact the Tigers’ focus?

Often times sports psychologists work with teams to focus on the present rather than on future events and outcomes. The Tigers may be overwhelmed by their current ranking and distracted by the thoughts and hopes of the games to come. In order to continue their focus and determination to win their division, they will need to be fully committed on the present. They will need to play with the same determination and focus that they have thus far and not let the final outcome of their season distract them. With several games to play, this team’s hard work has only just begun! The questions remains, will the Tigers succeed in the battle to focus and persevere or will the pressure to win be too great for this team?