I am a PROUD coach, as I recently began coaching for a volleyball team that consists of eight 11 year old girs.  I have seen these girls test their abilities, challenge themselves, and develop skills. They are still tentative to “attack” the ball, as if it were a shark with open jaws! Not only myself, but parents ask… How can we get them to embrace this sport and relieve the fear of the Great question, I believe this will develop through practice and confidence. My “kids” were excited and ready to practice last night, as I praised them this weekend for their efforts displayed. Saturday, we played two matches that consisted of three games each- dominating the “Pink team” and struggling to pull through against the “Light blue team.” However, I am not a “Win at All Cost Coach,” I explained to the girls how proud of them I was and they should feel the same. They began to attack the ball, communicate, utilize 3 hits to get the ball over, and celebrate as well as encourage other teammates (this concept is difficult for them to grasp at times). I met a few parents for the first time this weekend, as they had a better understanding of me as a “coach.” So, how can they decide if I am a “good” coach? I believe some parents have knowledge of the sport or their vision of an ideal coach for their children. I was pleased to receive unexpected approval of these parents about the wonderful coaching I give their children.

Some parents may argue that youth sports may be discouraging or “dangerous” for kids. However, kids benefit in many ways with their involvement in sports. I would argue that sports provide structure and discipline, as well as development for kids. “Sports can influence a child’s health, social skills, and leadership skills.” (Mike, 2010) The involvement may also provide a positive outlet for kids. The parents that allow their kids to play on my volleyball team are two shakes ahead of the game! They are offered one on one training, as well as team development. How is sport seen in a negative aspect for the youth and why would you deprive your child of this? Ignorance. Please find the understanding that sports will provide many benefits, as I have portrayed the experiences of my “kids” above. Yes, coaches have a great impact on how your child feels about the sport, the influences in behavior, as well as leadership abilities, and determination. So I challenge you to find the right coach/ sport and allow your child to embrace the opportunity!


Article By: Mike /March 1, 2010