Amanda Knox was convicted in 2009 for killing her roommate Meredith Kercher and sentenced to 26 years in an italian prison. After spending four years in prison an Italian appeals court overturned her conviction on Monday setting her free. This has become a type of high-profile case which has drawn acclaim and popularity from the media, including possible book deals, a lifetime movie (Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy), and a supposed up-and-coming movie by filmmaker Michael Winterbottom to star Colin Firth. I wonder is Amanda Knox the product of an innocent verdict or a kick-ass judicial team? I can think of several other very high-profile cases (OJ Simpson, West Memphis Three, Casey Anthony) that have received shocking verdicts. These not guilty verdicts and overturned death-row sentences are not a product of true innocence and/or guilt, but rather a team that never gives up. In a majority of high-profile cases there is a team of lawyers, very involved family, celebrity supporters, twitter fanatics, and an Army of pen-pale supports who write incessantly for years and years. So much attention for people who are convicted of very serious murder charges. From and an outsiders perspective it is clear that these “wrongly accused criminals” are only as good as the team that surrounds them. These kick-ass judicial fighting machines have a foundation based on the basic principles of a team, which in many cases has created a perfect storm of sorts allowing the guilty to go free.


–Elizabeth Kingen