Type one letter into Google’s search engine and it quickly attempts to guess your direction.  It makes this calculation mainly based on others’ searches and number of hits.  My friend has been an emotional wreck since Sam Stosur won the US Open, so I looked to Google for a recap or tournament summary as I was not there for the finals.  I type in Stosur and Google has three guesses: 1.) Stosur gay, 2.) Stosur US Open, 3.) Stosur kick serve.  Although she does have the gold standard for kick serves, I am most interested in the first Google guess.

Homosexuality has become a hot topic in elite sport and sport media.  Professional athletes and coaches hold press conferences just to let everyone know they are not gay during times of public accusation.  The fear of coming out is real: “He asked me why I came out and whether it hurt my career. I told him that I came out because I wanted a shot at genuine happiness and that yes, at times, being openly gay has hurt my career.  But it has never hurt me. (Granderson) ” The media boom around coming out would also significantly disrupts an athlete’s life, I mean, it’s the first Google guess for Stosur who may or may not be gay.  I do not have any answers about what course of action either by the media, professional athletes, or the general public would be best.  I am merely offering my reaction to the world’s magnifying glass: 1.) gay 2.) US Open, 3.) kick serve.