For those of you who have not seen the movie- Moneyball- I highly recommend that you do!!! It is based on the book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” which is the true story of general manager Billy Beane’s quest to take the Oakland A’s baseball team from a low budget struggling team to a competitive winning team. His methods of doing so are considered unorthodox and rather than recruiting the, so to speak, “best players”, Beane uses in depth statistical computer analysis to recruit new players and rebuild his team on a budget. No one else in the organization was on board with Beane’s methods and plans and continued to fight against him, however, Beane showed them all when his faith in his plans persevered and through all the doubt the team came together enough to set a MLB record of winning 20 straight games.

This whole “fairy tale” story leads me to the point of my post- what if the “kink” in the team cohesiveness comes from the “team” of people who run the team. Billy Beane and the rest of the Oakland A’s staff were in disagreement and were not operating effectively as a team. How does this disorganization in the organization itself effect the team and their organization/teamwork? Obviously- as Moneyball shows- it can have a huge and detrimental effect. Players on a team want to know that the whole organization- as a team- believes in them and supports them. Unfortunately in this case, only Billy was in support of the team and that was not quite enough. It took Billy going above and beyond- and filling in all the gaps where the non-supporters stood to bring the team up and get them playing cohesively and effectively.

This makes me think of all the major league organizations- all the scandals, politics, money games, lockouts, etc. How do all these issues within the team running a team- effect the team itself? My guess is- the more disorganization within the organizational team- the less cohesive the players will be on the field. Who wants to go out and give their best to an organization that is disorganized and is not showing a belief and faith in the players that play for them. I know that I wouldn’t.