We see leaders everywhere… in sport, politics, the news, etc. So, we’ve decided leaders are not born but made. How does a new team or organization seek out a leader? I am in the process of building a volleyball team. This begins with recruiting, then open gym, tryouts, and finally they commit. Putting together the “right” group is important if I want to this teamto succeed. I am not only looking for skills and technique, but also interaction between the athletes. It is possible to build a team from scratch. The girls I am recruiting come from different schools and backgrounds, but they are all the same age. I do not want them to rely on me as their leader. I will have the girls decide on their captains. These captains, and any players that want to attend, will be invited to a leadership seminar. This seminar will provide them with different types of leadership, situational issues, the knowledge of roles, and much more.

I may have high expectations to have this team work well together. However, these athletes need to be open-minded. The leaders of my team will be held to high standards. They are to not only be there for encouragement or support, but to lead by example. I believe a team is defined by their leaders. They decide the direction and success of the team. I want to help with this development of young leaders.