“Loyalty is admirable but perception is equally important and he seems unwilling or unable to take tough decisions”

This statement comes from a recent article written about England’s Head Rugby coach and his quote-un-quote failure to push the team to success.  Martin Johnson’s rein with England was commented on as “never [displaying] the proof that he had a clear vision of where they were going and a plan of how to get there”.  Johnson’s techniques were also referred to as “conservative” and “so much of the same”, not pushing England to flex any dominance throughout their most recent appearance in New Zealand.  A major concern was sticking with the same “comfortable” Captain selection instead of utilizing his younger talent.

As coaches, consultants, friends, and partners, we compromise our own values in order to make decisions and take actions based on the satisfaction and success of our unit rather than ourselves.  However, when we do not choose to compromise and adapt, sticking to our own ways, or the same-old-story, we stifle and disrupt the unit.  It seems this is being seen with England as their coach did not push for new direction, or any apparent direction at all, as well as not exploring the values and goals of the team.

I think accepting change in a competitive environment is an uncomfortable process in which many coaches, programs, and organizations can be tentative to make.  Unfortunately, mixing it up and creating change and reevaluating systems within a team needs to be done in order for it to continue to grow and succeed.  As consultants, I believe we need to get comfortable with bringing up and pushing for evaluation and reevaluation of team goals, values, and coaching methods with clients we work with.  We should be facilitating our clients’ growth and development by challenging them to re-think their routines and processes.