Most of us ex college athletes have been to a fair share of parties. I would venture to say that the majority of those were hosted by sports teams: “Party at the soccer house tonight” or “We’re heading to the football party tonight.” It’s a part of the collegiate sport culture. In season, out of season, win or lose, there will always be a party this weekend. And it’s generally a great time full of games, socializing and of course beer.

So if it was such a great time, why do coaches and athletic administrators warn about its perils? Having a good time and getting a little drunk (when you’re of age) isn’t against the law– but there are some serious consequences when alcohol is abused. There are illegal consequences such as Driving Under the Influence, Minor in Possession or Drunk in Public, social consequences such as getting in fights, and personal consequences such as getting “black out drunk.”

Though most coaches enforce penalties should their athletes get into legal trouble with the consequences mentioned above, not many know of productive ways to prevent such behavior. Most of the responsibility of such decisions lies with the athletes themselves. Especially at the college level, they are considered adults and expected to take care of themselves. However, no matter how responsible an athlete tries to be, people make mistakes.

This is my call to all coaches asking, What can we do to help athletes make the right choices? At least for the most part. 🙂