When is enough enough? Athletes join teams to do something they love. Unfortunately, in many cases there is one individual that can taint the sport that athletes love so much, the coach. Yes, in many cases the leader of the group just wants what is best for the whole, to win, no matter how harsh the may treat their players. For example, the infamous basketball coach, Bob Knight, who at times choked players and threw furniture on the court. However in the end he is regarded as one of the greatest NCAA basketball coaches of all time. But where does a player draw the line and when do a coach’s personal ambitions begin to outweigh the success of the team?

Recently, this scenario has played out across the globe not just in sports. Leaders of nations, once expected to guide their countries to greatness have become villains. Both parties of our own U.S. government, by many, appear to be doing the opposite of what they were elected to do. Whether it be a team member, or a citizen of a nation, when do you finally stop following and realize you have to take matters into your own hands. You have to realize that you are in fact a part of a much stronger team, the majority that can stand up against one so-called leader. From one extreme of waging war against a tyrant, seen against Libya’s tyrant, Moammar Gadhafi, to boycotting practice because of a selfish coach, as last year’s Detroit Pistons did resulting from displeasure with coach John Kuester, we all must realize that while leaders do emerge, they have to continue to do what is right for us, and if it is not, we must stand up for what we believe is right.