The NCAA recently adopted a rule that schools have to have a two-year average score of 930 or a four-year average of 900 on the Annual Academic Progress Rate to compete in the 2013 basketball tournament. This is now an issue for the University of Connecticut, who are the defending national champs. Their athletes are not at this average score and may not be able to attend the 2013 National Championships.   The NCAA is making sure that the athletes are students and that they are prepared for life after college, except division 1 athletics are very focused on the sport aspect due to scholarships, money, and credibility.  So how is this change going to affect these schools?

Many student-athletes don’t go on to be professional athletes; they go into the work force.  The key to this situation is also the fact that student comes before athlete, but that is not how many schools, coaches, and athletes see it.  These steps that the NCAA are making to ensure that the students are being the best students they can be should be a positive move, but because many teams do not have this average the college sport is going to change dramatically and possibly not for the better. By instilling this rule it will be important to help student-athletes understand how important the academics really are in life and possibly show them the reality of life after college. Hopefully, now with more emphasis on the academics schools will make more of an effort to help their student-athletes focus on the first part of student-athlete.