This weekend a snow stormed barreled through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the rest of the north east. From State College to Philadelphia there was over 5 inches of snow, and power issues spread out through homes. Many events were canceled, plans were changed, and most people stayed home to wait out the bad weather. However, there were over 90,000 people in Pennsylvania that braved the weather, made the trip to Beaver Stadium in State College to cheer on the Penn State football team when they played a very meaningful game for Joe Paterno. It was Joe Pa’s 409th win as head coach of the Nittany Lions. He surpassed Robinson to now become the most winning coach in NCAA Division I football history. Joe Pa’s Nittany Lion’s beat Illinois 10-7 with good defense and big moment breakthroughs on offense. It was impressive to see the turn out from fans in the weather. There was 5 inches of snow on the bleachers 2hours before game time. The players had to shorten warm ups due to the field needing to be shoveled. And, after all was ready, the game went just as any other Saturday afternoon should in Happy Valley, with a Penn State win. From personal accounts, I heard that despite the smaller crowd, the fans were still able to produce a typical noisy atmosphere to make it more difficult for the Illini. Joe Pa received the support he needed when his team needed it from the fans, no matter the weather; Penn State fans show their loyalty each and every Saturday to Joe Pa and Penn State. WE ARE. . .PENN STATE!!!