Crowd watching is always entertaining. Yesterday at the Broncos vs. Lions game proved no different. Although it was an extremely painful game to sit through, the crowd proved almost more entertaining than the players. Tebow did not have a good game at all yesterday. He did so bad in fact that it caused some fans to start chanting “Orton,” “Quinn,” and “anything but Tebow.” This chanting started, what ended up being a second half screaming fight between Bronco fans. Two fans started yelling back saying that the other people needed to take off their jerseys because they were not true Bronco fans. But why not?!
Ultimately both groups of fans wanted the same outcome, a Bronco win, but simply suggesting that the crowd’s favorite quarterback might need to take the sidelines blew up into something much bigger. Being a fan has become more than just a team supporter and game watcher. Fans truly believe that their actions, beliefs, hopes, thoughts, and good luck charms will impact what happens on the field so much so that they are willing to fight with fellow fans over it. Usually it is opposing teams’ fans that get into arguments, but combine anger, disappointment, and alcohol and anything is possible. In the news, you hear about fights getting so bad that people are taken to the hospital. Would your team or favorite player really be proud of you for punching someone simply because they were talking smack about your team?