Of all the diabolical schemes that get passed off as benign the NCAA and college athletics’ must be among the worst.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe the NCAA was not started as a money hoarding student exploiting organization.  Either way, it certainly has become one.  Here is how the scam works.

            Athletes are recruited, often bribed and always seduced into attending “higher education” institutions that pretend to care about their well being.  Lofty ideals such as family are thrown at kids, many who lack these bonds.  They arrive at school; train like professionals and their room, board, and tuition are taken care of.  They compete in sports which bring schools, coaches, and athletic directors colossal amounts of money.  The athletes were recruited based on their ability to perform and often are completely unprepared to handle a college lifestyle and course load.  Most focus on their sport because that’s what they were always good at and that is what mattered.  These “higher education” institutions could care less about the students as long as they perform as athletes.  As a result the athletes often fail to graduate and when they don’t make it in professional sports they have absolutely nothing to fall back on.

            If you call yourself a school, teach your students.  I understand the value of an education.  Giving athletes an education and an opportunity to compete was a great idea.  The problem is that there is too much money involved now.  The schools lose track of what they are supposed to do; educate.  The athletes are treated as a means to an end and their well being is ignored.  Some take advantage of their opportunity, others do not.  This should not be acceptable for schools.  If you are a young kid and nobody your whole life cared how you did in school why would you suddenly work hard in college?  Pay the athletes or donate the money to educating the people who bring the money in.  The system is broken; we need people to care enough to fix it.