Is it possible for someone with such a radical viewpoint change? It seems so. A former skinhead Brian Wilder decided to change. During his changing, he decided to get rid of all of tattoos. Does not seen like a hard thing to do. Wait, they were on his FACE! He had collect facial tattoos that associated him with the movement. Across his body he had a blood-soaked razor, swastikas, the letters “HATE” stamped across his knuckles. It is a clear sign of the movement. People looked at him with disgust and hatred with those tattoos on his face. They only saw what he used to be, not what he was now. Now he is a loving husband and father. It frustrated him.
Wilder decided to get out of the movement because he got married and had a child. It is true; children will change your view of the world. His wife scoured the internet for tattoo removal. They found doctors to remove them, but with very little money and no medical insurance, it seemed impossible. He even had thoughts of putting acid on his face to remove the tattoos. Finally, he turns to a group that was an adversary to the white supremacy movement. A black man in Philadelphia guided him to another former neo-Nazi to get help.
I think this is a great. I did not think neo-Nazi’s even wanted to change. This is a VERY intriguing article about change. He was considered one the most dangerous people in the movement. I’m proud that he even wanted to change.