Planking is so… 2010 (where a person performs a “plank” with one’s body in various places), “Tebowing” is the new phenomenon for 2011; but what is it? When Tim Tebow, Bronco’s quarterback, takes a knee and bows his head. This is Tebow’s pre-performance routine, turned into a ritual by his fans. Tim Tebow has been a hot topic in the 2011 NFL season. As a young player with high ambitions, Tebow remains positive through his struggles with consistency. Despite the performance of Sunday’s loss (45-10) against the Detroit Lions, Tebow looks toward the future to improve his team. He is dedicated to enhance his level of play in becoming a successful quarterback. Tebow’s fans follow him through his highs and lows. These fans dedicate themselves to “Tebowing,” as they take their pictures in random placing and “Tebow” (kneeling on one leg, with their head lowered).

The Detroit Lions also participated in the celebration of “Tebowing.” Lions’linebacker, Stephen Tulloch, mocked Tim Tebow after he sacked him, by kneeling alongside him. This was disrespectful and demonstrated poor sportsmanship. Unlike Tim Tebow’s fans, the Lions’ player was poking fun at this player’s pre-game ritual.

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