So, as everyone knows, the NBA cannot seem to get its act together to give fans regular season games. It is a miserable existence, being this deep in to fall without basketball on TV. By Tuesday I am already sick of NFL highlights, I have no stake in college football other than passing interest, and they refuse to show Champions League soccer coverage to the extant that I would like them to. Yet, there are times, when I am desperate for something to leave my television on as I do work, that I realize there is one positive to not having an NBA season currently.
That positive, is of course increased MLS playoff coverage. This year ESPN and ESPN2 have basically been at a loss as to how to fill the void left by basketball. With college basketball not yet in full swing, and baseball finished, the ESPN networks seemed to just acquiesce to the only other major sport still in season. And how lucky for them that they did. All of the quarterfinals have been shown on TV. All eight games. It is a soccer nerd’s dream come true, aside from it having the World Cup every year. I get to watch my hometown team on TV, when normally I would not get to see them play until the next round. I get four hours of soccer on a Thursday night, which simply wouldn’t happen if it had to compete against LeBron or Kobe.
So yeah, there are certainly a few days out of the week when it really sucks that the players and the owners cannot come to an agreement. But on nights when my team is playing, I could care less if they ever come back. Selfish? Certainly. But honestly, an MLS playoff game is always going to be better than a Timberwolves-Pacers snoozefest.