Do you only participate in a sport over the weekend? Perhaps you play a sport one
day out of the week. Does this make you an athlete? I do not believe there is a
right or a wrong answer to this question. However, an athlete is any person who
is involved in athletics or sports. When you think of a “Weekend Warrior” do
you picture kids, yourself, a friend, parents, or even grandparents? These sports
or activities do not limit a person by their ability, but allow separation due
to competition or skill level, age, or commitment. I play on a volleyball
league every Thursday evening with a group of four women (including myself). I
am the youngest player on my team; however, our best player (skill wise) is 40
years old! It is amazing the abilities she possesses in order to both attack
and place the volleyball. On this competitive league, we placed 2nd
in our division for the previous session. I am optimistic for the upcoming
season as we are now comfortable and familiar with each other’s skills and mannerisms
on the court.


about the organization, team, or group in which you participate. Are you developing
new skills or abilities, absolutely! “Weekend Warriors” are athletes too. They dedicate
their time, money, and commitment into this sport or activity. Being involved
in an outside organization or league may generate physical activity, socialization,
skill development, or even create new opportunities. Do not disregard the
abilities of a “Weekend Warrior.” I AM PROUD TO BE A “WEEKEND WARRIOR!”