The Indianapolis Colts just can’t seem to win a game this year.  The quarterback Payton Manning has been out for the entire season due to an injury, however they are a professional team, don’t they have backup quarterbacks?  Payton Manning is a great player but can the team really depend on his skills that much?  Recently there was an article on wondering who was to blame for their losses.  The people to blame were the head coach Jim Caldwell or the fact that his entire team depended on three players that were out with injuries.  Also was Caldwell responsible for the injuries?

It is hard to take this article seriously when they start to blame the coach for injuries.  Yes, the coach runs practices and dictates their training however they cannot actually cause an injury. But this brought up many other questions regarding their overall season so far.  Does Payton Manning really make it or break it for this team?  It seems as thought the answer to that question would be yes.  The team relies on his abilities to run the team and control the momentum of the game while creating success.  The players look to him for his leadership and abilities but also may rely on him too much for those features.  The coach also may be responsible for this dependency on Manning.  By putting all of the leadership on Manning the players see this and it creates this idea that they cannot function without him.  Possibly if the coach had not put this large expectation on Manning the team would be more successful.