At a congressional college sports forum Bobby Rush, a Democratic congressman, compared the NCAA to the Mafia, and specifically stated that the NCAA is “one of the most vicious, most ruthless organizations ever created by mankind”. He also states how the NCAA has such control over the student athletes.

Last week, the NCAA gave the conferences permission to give student athletes up to $2,000 for “spending money”. Although many agreed that this is a “great start”, several others are wanting guaranteed scholarships for four years and wanting the universities to pay for the student athletes graduate degrees.

While reading this article one thing popped into my mind. Should student athletes receive “spending money” for playing a sport at the collegiate level? College sports are becoming more and more like professional sports. I believe that giving student athletes “spending money” will only intensify this problem and will “force” athletes to spend more time working on their sport, rather than studying for their classes. Unfortunately, often times coaches and athletic departments forget that athletes are also students, trying to get a good education, while playing the sport they love. They are sending the message that athletics comes before education, however, in reality student athletes should be students first and then athletes.