“Hazing is any activity expected of athletes joining a sport team that humiliates or abuses them. (Waldron, 2007).” The normal hazing activities included abuse, harassment, and humiliation towards the person. The fact is that hazing could bring harmful effects on both physical and mental towards humans, such as “decrease in confidence, self-doubting, depression, helplessness, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts (Waldron, 2007). Some of experiences could have long-lasting negative effects over a person’s life. The study result shown 55% of college students involved in clubs, teams and organizations and 47% of students come to college experience hazing. So it is necessary to analyze the reasons and solutions in order to prevent the hazing phenomena in sport team.


According to Inside Hazing website, I understand that hazing is likely to occur in ten circumstances. Personally, I have resonance with the points of human nature, and personality. Human has the nature custom to evaluate, categories, and discriminate people into different types depending on their experiences and understandings. By doing so, human are likely to treat people in different ways. The result will be somebody fit to join the group, somebody do not. In this way, hazing occurs. For the personality part, I believe the childhood, athletic, and environmental experience could influence human ideology. Different ideologies may cause different actions and distinct habits. So hazing is likely to happens in their unconscious thought. Therefore, they put such though into actions, in which hazing actions already became their needs. For instance, one younger rookie is abused and humiliated by veteran. He is likely to treat the newcomer in the way that he received when he become a veteran. This is also why people can hardly change a group’s habit no matter positive or negative.


I fully agree with Waldron and Harvard’s new ideas about how to effectively prevent hazing.  The ideas such as sign student contract will make athletes have clear mind about regulations.  Also, the positive teambuilding activities, such as team dinner, recreational sport, and hiking, rock climbing could facilitate a cohesive team environment. From my perspectives, the coach and captain could also meditate or prevent hazing by their attitude and behaviors. For example, they could indicate their attitude on hazing issue, or they could educate the athletes to switch role to consider victims’ situation. In conclusion, it is necessary for the team leaders to contribute to healthy and positive team environment in order to prevent hazing.