I have been working on a group project with two classmates over the past week, and I realized that we are doing team related things all the time in this program. From DPS projects to Master’s projects, everyone is doing their best to contribute to the final product. Although we do our consulting work individually, collaborating with others is a crucial part of being a successful professional in the field of sport psychology.

As graduate students, we all have very busy schedules and different responsibilities. Trying to find a time when everyone in the group can meet and work on the project can be challenging at times. But we all make the best effort to time manage effectively and make comprise when needed.

Like all successful teams and organizations, when it comes down to good group work, it’s all about effective communication and good work ethic. Each person has their assigned work and it is everyone’s job to keep the whole group on the same page by communicating effectively.

Working with your fellow classmates and co-workers is also a great way to get to know each other better. This can even be beneficial for the overall outcome of your group project. We can broaden our knowledge base by learning other people’s strengths, as well.

Thanks to this group project of mine that led me to this week’s blog idea.