Imagine your favorite NBA player. You grow up aspiring to be just like him. You work hard and finally you make it to the NBA with aspirations of trail blazing just as they did. Years later the man you looked up to is rooting against you. This is how the media is portraying NBA player’s feelings towards Michael Jordan and his decision not to support the 50/50 split. Now that Jordan is on the owner’s side of things many feel that Jordan is a sellout for not supporting the player’s decision. Having recently done a report on Jordan and his book Driven From with Michael Jordan, which came out in 2005 I recall Jordan expressing his vantage point of players today, saying, players now days receive a prize before they ever do anything. With that being said perhaps his decision not to support the split has nothing to do with being on the owner’s side of things, but has everything to do with players today and their mentality. Some guys get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for sitting on the bench and other get paid millions for doing what they love. Yes, yes, yes, Jordan was definitely one of those guys who made millions, but he was and still is the aspirations of NBA players today, and never once was did renegotiate his contract. I personally find it funny, but just because Jordan did not make the decision everyone assumed he would, he is a trader. Yes, perhaps his intentions are questionable, but in how many other industries do the employees and their employers split the pot 50/50. This is what the NBA is asking, if the players supposedly deserving of a bigger pay cut want more money than I personnally  feel first and foremost they need to give the fans their money’s worth because untimely it is our money their asking for.