I take what we learn in this program very seriously, and I try to apply the lessons to coaching as often as possible. One concept that I’m trying to implement, especially as a first year head coach, is giving the people involved with my team some autonomy. I haven’t done a lot with the girls yet, because we don’t start our season until January. However, I have had a lot of communication with the parents.

In dealing with all of the expenses that come with a top competitive team, I wanted to make sure I gave my parents some autonomy regarding extra expenses.  This is particularly important because it is the parents who will be paying for my and my assistants’ travel expenses. I feel like I owe them at least a say in any expenses that are not required. I have gone with a majority vote for most things. If there was a close vote, I planned on discussing it with my assistants and making the best decision. So far, this strategy has gone very well.

Now, I’m wondering if I gave too much freedom by letting them in on so many decisions. Now I have parents requesting to see everything I’m doing, as if they don’t trust me. One girl has even quit due to the price of the team. Though the costs are significant for a brand new team and top notch facilities, I wonder if they would have at least talked to me had I shown more control. We’ll see how things turn out, but I need to make sure that I gain their respect.