We all go to concerts to see and feel the music deep within us.  We watch live performances on television and turn the surround sound on full blast so that we can feel like we are actually there.  But how do these feelings change when you find out the singer, performer or artist is lip synching? I know my feelings of excitement quickly turn to disappointment.  After all, I’m spending my hard earned cash to go listen my favorite singer sing my all-time favorite song.  If I wanted to hear a prerecorded vocal, I would just listen to their CD that is on my iPod.  My question is, what the heck am I paying for by going to the concert? To their spec of a silhouette from a mile away? Where is the whole performance aspect? I have already bought their CD or their tracks off iTunes, so why should I pay to watch them singalong?

I’ll admit it…I am a reality television junkie.  Whether the programs are as ‘real’ as they claim or not, I still watch the half hour segments on housewives, drunken twenty-somethings, and teen pregnancies.  But some of my favorite shows are the singing competition productions (mostly because I have no singing abilities and it’s fascinating to me that some actually people do).  They are vying to become “the next big thing” or “America’a favorite”, but what are fans supposed to think when they find out that their favorite up-and-coming star can only perform in front of a crowd when they are lip synching to a prerecorded vocal (the ‘X Factor” scandal in recent news)?

They say you have to “fake it ‘til you make it”, but where is the ‘realness‘ in that?