I am sure I am not the only person writing about the recent firing of Joe Paterno. I hope I am not redundant or anything, but I am upset and may go as far as saying I am worried.  First, I should throw out this disclaimer.  I understand that there are thousands of coaches who represent integrity and honesty.  In fact, I know a lot of coaches who follow the rule book as if it were the Bible.  However, it is either the media’s fault or the fact that higher level coaches are in fact losing sight of what is important in the athletic realm.

When was the last time we heard a story about a coach that showed integrity?  Or maybe a better question is when was the last time that a story with a honest coach took over every channel for more than 10 minutes?  Have we truly lost sight of what is important in our world or does breaking the rules and hiding a scandal rank higher than what is honest?  Like I said, I am worried.  I am worried that the latter of those questions is actually what is ranking higher on our moral compasses. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can see that it is important to put in the media.  It reminds coaches to follow the rules or there will be consequences.  But I would say to social media, “Even it out!”  If we are going to focus so much of our energy on negative media than at least throw more positive stories in there to balance it!  Maybe some of the world enjoys seeing coaches like Joe Paterno go down in flames, but others like to hear more about coaches like Pat Summit; do you remember her,Social Media?  Now that is a coach that has integrity through adversity! 

To conclude, I would just like to say something to Joe Paterno.  Joe, welcome to the club.  The club includes all those coaches who hid immoral actions and almost got away with it looking as if they were actually great coaches.  I am just glad we caught you before you did.  And Joe, if you don’t mind me asking, how did it feel coming back every…single…year pretending like it didn’t happen?