What is your team’s or school’s biggest rivalry? Many rivalries are location based while others are history and tradition based. Every year, the rivalry games seem to be the biggest game of the year, no matter what the teams’ records display.

As a Georgia native, but Auburn graduate and fan, the rivalry between Auburn and Georgia has always meant a lot to me. I have also been raised as a Georgia Teach fan (Georgia’s in-state rival), which makes the Georgia Bulldogs a huge enemy.

The rivalry between the Auburn University Tigers and the University of Georgia Bulldogs is known as The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. The schools met for their first game in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park on February 20, 1892, in which Auburn won 10-0. The teams have continued to play each other every year since 1898 (except during World War I and II).  After the 2010 season, the rivalry is tied for the seventh most played college football series at 114 games. The rivalry is known for being quite even with Auburn barely leading the series 54-52-8. When the Southeastern Conference split into the East and West, the teams made a strong point that a game between Auburn and Georgia be played every year to present a historic rivalry.

With Auburn, Alabama and Athens, Georgia only being about 3 hours away from each other, distance and traveling is not an issue. With Georgia being a large state school, attracting many in-state student, and many Georgia high school graduates attending Auburn, the rivalry seems to grow bigger and bigger every year.

Regardless of the team’s talent, this game is historically physical and always comes down to the last minutes. As I anxiously await the game on Saturday, I hope the players can remember that behind the rivalry, wins or losses, and records that there are young, human beings participating in a simple game of football. Not only can I hope the players respect each other, I hope the fans can remember that it is just a football game as well. Rivalries are notorious for getting out of control and I hope in the years to come that it can remain to be a competitive, fun, and classy rivalry.