With my brain being slightly fried at the end of the quarter, it made it a little challenging to think creatively and come up with an idea for a blog post that I have yet to use or that seemed original.

So I turned to the faithful Youtube to find an entertaining clip that I feel sums up our class in Team and Organizational Dynamics. Ignore that it is an advertisement for a bus line, but rather focus on the behavior of the penguins.

The penguins, floating along on an iceberg, represent a cohesive team. They are comfortable and moving along towards a goal. Then, their safety and comfort is threatened by an outside force- an obstacle. Immediately, the “lead” penguin goes into decision making mode and alerts his fellow “teammates” that there is danger. In a quick and very smart decision the penguins work as a team to tip the iceberg and manage to keep themselves completely out of harms way. No words needed to be used- rather there was complete trust in the “leader” to guide the whole “team” to safely escape the dangerous situation.

Though this may seem like a silly way to describe teamwork- I think this video sums up all of the important factors that contribute to team cohesion and success in a short and extremely cute 30 second clip.

Here is what we can learn from these penguins:

1) Successful teams have a leader whom they trust

2) Successful teams have action plans and are prepared for any scenario

3) Successful teams communicate

4) Successful teams work as a unit- no man is left behind

5) Successful teams enjoy each others company

6) Successful teams have perfected the decision making process

7) Successful teams are constantly aware

Somehow this clip brings a sense of simplicity to the concept of team cohesion. If we could all be like these penguins- we would have some successful teams.