The Bowl Championship Series has ruined college football. Schools are leaving tradition conferences in order to have a chance to compete for a national title. It is clear that money has taken over college athletics. The landscape of college conferences has been torn apart by the wealth in college football and basketball. No longer will you see the Colorado vs. Nebraska football game. Or the Texas vs. Texas A&M match up. Some games have been around for generations. The landscape of amateur college athletics has changed forever. It is ironic that conferences and schools are making millions of dollars off the athletes at their institutions, but it is illegal to take a free meal from someone. It is hypocrisy at it best. I wonder does anyone really read these blogs. Without these athletes, the schools would not be in the position they are in. The University of Michigan has sold out its 100,000 seat stadium over 225 times in a row. If so, tell me and I will have coffee for you on the first day of class next semester. Their current capacity is over 109,000 seats. If the University of Michigan charged on average $20 per ticket, they would gross over 2 million dollars PER game. The universities are now trying to make even more money by jumping from conference to conference. But not going to buy the overachiever Ben any. They are also paying millions of dollars to head coaches at PUBLIC universities. Are our values wrong? I would guess so. The University of Texas brought in over $59 million dollars in 2008. That is more than professional football’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Their head coach gets paid over 5 million per year. So has the race for these riches messed up college football, I think so. Let’s get rid of the automatic qualifiers and go back to traditional rivalries. Let teams like Boise State earn their way into the BCS.

Elimination of BcS AQ status being discussed?