This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a nun. When I asked her what it was like to live as a nun, she responded by saying, “it is like having a giant family.” She stated that they encouraged each other in faith, and their mission. She personally loves to watch sports, especially football, and described to me her excitement when someone would donate professional sporting event tickets to the Sisters. She was very lively, and said to me during our conversation, “I like Corona (the beer), I’m going to have one; they don’t give us beer in the mother house.” The Sister told me to think of a motherhouse as a baseball team of sorts, all players have their individual positions (roles) that help the team function. She went on to elaborate on how many people play the same position (have the same roles) but work together within their position to benefit the team.

After our conversation I had a thought, how would it be to play for a team when you could never eventually become a coach (Priest) of that sport? Many athletes or people who work as individuals on a team someday strive to become a leader in their sport. While I am aware that nuns can take on leadership positions, they cannot become the head leader of a Perish. I wonder how this must feel? I assume each individual nun has a different outlook on this, but I am curious as to what they have to say. So often I feel nuns do so much good work for the world, but rarely does the public get to hear their opinion.