Fantasy Sports is a strange world full of surprises and disappointments. It is a universe in which players value is determined by how well they produce in a number of areas that theoretically improve a teams chance at winning.  This is my second year participating in this oft ridiculed form of competition (2 years of football, 1 of basketball).  Here are my impressions so far.

The Good

1. Getting to express your opinions more actively and test sports knowledge.  This is my favorite part of fantasy sports.  My friends and I constantly talk about our opinions of athletes.  Often this creates arguments.  Now our arguments are settled because our success in the season reflects our knowledge.

2. Keeping in contact.  Last year we all graduated college and scattered ourselves around the country and fantasy sports has been both a great reason and way for us to stay in contact.

The Bad

1. Being a fan becomes complicated.  Last week I needed 24 points out of Philadelphia’s running back McCoy to win my match up.  The problem is that he is playing against the Bears defense and I am a bears fan.  Having players in fantasy competing against my team in reality is hard.  I wish that it wasn’t and that I was always more interested in my reality but to say it never creeps into my mind would be a lie.

2. Competing against friends (often for money).  Competing against friends can be fun but it can also be stressful.  I know one participant in our league has turned a few people against him this year.  Although it is just fantasy, it can have real life implications.  The way people handle themselves in both victory and in defeat definitely impacts relationships around the league.

In summation fantasy sports has been much more fun than I expected.  The best part is having a vested interest in a sporting event that I would otherwise not care about.  Life is better when it is filled with passion and if fantasy sports makes me passionate about two of the worst teams in the NBA playing in the last game of the season than it has done me a favor.