When I was an undergraduate student, one of my classmates not only had excellence score on athletic training, but also gained high score on study: top of 125 people. She managed her life really well, as she neither studies too hard, nor experienced too stressful or burnout situations. In my opinion, there are two reasons may responsible to this issue: high intelligence quotient and hardy personality. I am going to discuss about hardiness in this blog.

According to the article that I read, hardiness has three components: commitment, control, and challenge. Committed persons could recognize the purposes and meaning in the people and events. Control type of persons could have confidence to influence others’ thinking, feelings, and actions. Challenge people believe that growth and improvement contribute by learning rather than by easy, comfort, and security (Maddi, 2006). Hardiness can, therefore, be conceived as an individual’s propensity to manage the demands of situations ranging from an absolute resilience to extreme vulnerability (Maddi, 2006b; Maddi & Khoshaba, 2005)

The research approves that hardiness associates with higher levels of performance, since high hardiness scores indicate the efficacy on solving problems, and having lower stresses, higher satisfactions, and better performances. Also, some present studies show that hardiness is a psychological characteristic that distinguishes elite-level sport performers from their sub-elite counterparts.

From my perspectives, although some people contend that personality is inborn and cannot be changed, I believe people could improve their performance by learning hardiness skills. The fact is that some skills can be cultivated and enhanced by practice, such as problems solving skills, communication skills, and stress solving skills. For example, introversion person may qualify with sociable work. At first, they may feel uncomfortable with communication with different types of people in distinct situations; they could improve their skills gradually by learning from others and practice skills. Thus, by analyzing and learning hardiness personality skills, people may have more confidence on certain issue and hence improve their performance.