Sunday night’s game against the Patriots was a tough one for the Jets, particularly head coach Rex Ryan. After quarterback Mark Sanchez called a timeout with at least 17 seconds remaining before half time, instead of waiting for the clock to run down, Ryan became livid. The mistake allowed the Patriots enough time to score a touchdown. Needless to say while heading into the locker room for half time, there was not much else that could further anger Ryan, except perhaps a screaming fan. One fan yelled “Hey, Rex, Belichick is better than you,” to which Ryan responded with “shut the f— up!” Probably not the best thing he could have done. This is not the first time something like this has happened involving Ryan. In January 2009, he was filmed while making an obscene gesture to a fan, and after being fined by the Jets, vowed to clean up his act.

            While Ryan has apologized yet again for his actions, what kind of example is this setting for his players, other coaches, and fans? Obviously emotions run high during football games, but is that enough of an excuse to let a coach continue making small slips here and there. I am not advocating for drastic action, but in a league that is trying so hard to polish up its image and make role models out of its players and coaches, is this really the kind of message that the NFL wants to send young fans?