With all the media attention and emotional undertones of the Penn State scandal, I find myself analyzing the different parties involved.  Some are overlapped while others are distinctly separate and stand alone.  It is also interesting to speculate at the different loyalties involved and if any cross boundaries to another group.  The coaching staff, the media, the student body, the athletic department, the news’ audience, the associated college town, the children in question and their families, people concerned with child abuse / molestation, Penn State University, Penn State Alumni, the court that tries Sandusky, the NCAA, collegiate football, fans, and not to mention Sandusky and family are all pieces to the puzzle. With an event this large, there are often even more groups involved.

Rather than examining the situation itself, it would be interesting to visually diagram these interacting and/or separate entities.  I am imagining an overlapping three dimensional glob of infused circles.  Naturally, this would be followed by an examination of how each party feels about the others: which feels superior with more power? who has actual evaluative power? which needs another’s support as evidenced backing? who has access to the media and public praise or dislike? All of these factors are equally interesting as the scandal itself.