Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, these rivals produced some of the most epic fights of all times. In life it was always said that Frazier lived in Ali’s shadow both in and outside of the ring. The competition between these two men went far beyond boxing, in fact it went on to the next generation. Years after Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier left the boxing ring the spirit of their rival came to a head once again. Ali and Frazier would met in the ring one more time. This time it was their daughters who would match up to honor the spirit of their father’s rivalry. Laila Ali and Jackie Frazier’s career’s shadowed that of their fathers.  Laila Ali now retired is the greatest and undefeated Champion in women’s boxing. Jack Frazier a boxer in her own right has earned the right to be respected, but has fail to surpass the Ali name. In light of the history and rivalry of these two great names it is no surprise that through the years the nation has not forgotten their great rivalry and their contribution to the sport of boxing. However, with the recent passing of Joe Frazier, due to his diagnosed with liver cancer the rivalry may have finally been put to rest as Frazier’s greatest rival, and the greatest know boxer of all times Muhammad Ali came to pay his respects to the deceased fighter.