There are many posts by Ken Ravizza on the Effective Sport Psych web page.  One of his posts is entitled “How to Assess A Team for Sport Psychology Consultation.”  This is a great post because it is easy and logical to follow for anyone who has sport and performance consulting training on how to assess a team.  Further, Dr. Ravizza truly opens up and explains how he assesses teams and organizations that he has worked with.  The best part about his approach is that it is extremely practical and has an applied focus.  His overall goal is to assess each unique context or situation in order to tailor a program around it and have the group reach its full potential.

Dr. Ravizza’s assessment approach does not use psychological assessments.  Instead, it is based around three questions.
What the group needs?
What Dr. Ravizza thinks the group needs?
What Dr. Ravizza thinks will work, can he deliver it, and does he want to do it?

In order to assess what a group/team needs, Dr. Ravizza explains that he looks a many different aspects and factors: leadership, how the team works together, how the team responds to coaches’ feedback, how do the players take criticism, how do the players and coaches handle stress, and the overall dynamics of the group.

After this is figured out, it is important to really tailor whatever is needed to the group.

An interesting thing that Dr. Ravizza includes the importance of working with the athletic trainer because he/she is a wealth of knowledge and you want to make sure that you are not stepping on his/her toes.

This post provided a great over arching framework of how to provide assessment for a team that a consultant is about to work with.  I would highly recommend this post.