Assessment occurs all the time. Unfortunately, assessment of a situation can be a difficult thing, and allow people to see things that they do not truly want to see. Currently, the English Premier League has suffered through a rash of embarrassing events that have caused me to reassess my support of one of the clubs. This assessment is difficult because I am essentially being forced to reevaluate my support for a team that has been dear to me for over a decade. As a sports fan, I have never had to consider dropping a team. The Astros, Rockets, Texans (and before them, the Oilers), were all hometown teams that I supported for a number of reasons. They were my hometown team. They did have moments of success. They were just so terrible it was almost laughable at times. Due to all of these factors, my support never wavered. I have always been a homer, and despite the tough times, I have never considered dropping any of my teams.
Unfortunately, my English Premier League team, Liverpool, is not a hometown team. I am not from Liverpool, so I consciously chose them. I picked them because of the team they had, because of their frustrating habit of performing incredibly well, or so listlessly that it was almost physically painful. However, the rollercoaster that they have put me through in the past months has been infinitely more difficult to deal with. One of their star players has been banned 8 games for racially abusing a black player on their rival team. Two of their fans have been arrested for hurling racist insults at an opposing player. One of their new signings has been arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend.
All of these disgusting events have caused me to reassess my support for my adopted team. The next few weeks will provide plenty of stress as I debate turning my back on a team that had, until recently, made me proud to follow them. This type of assessment may not hold much legitimate weight in terms of emotional or cognitive well-being, but man, that doesn’t make it any easier.