As posted on on Sunday, January 8th, Michael Jordan’s eldest son, Jeff, was announced to be leaving his collegiate basketball team at the University of Central Florida.  It is interesting to imagine the amount of pressure and criticism Jeff Jordan must feel having a father of such internationally known fame? What would it feel like to be an athlete, that whenever someone watches you, can’t help but think of Michael Jordan, and compare you to him in one way or another.  How do you cope with, as an individual, being tied to such a legend?

One reader left a comment about this article posting on stating: “There are two Jordan sons (younger brother Marcus is a junior on the UCF team) that play NCAA basketball. Both of them will be going pro in something other than sports”.  Although this may appear to be a mocking comment, it is also a positive on in my eyes.  So what if Michael Jordan’s son doesn’t go on to the NBA and school Lebron James for a championship ring?  As a demanding society of success and a common held belief that “it runs in the family”, wouldn’t it be strange to see Jordan’s kids out do him, or legitimately live up to his successes?  I think it would be almost too good to be true and so unnatural that our society would fine come way to come up against it.

Overall, I praise Jeff Jordan for stepping away from basketball at the moment, and feeling that he can willfully take a step in another direction, not succumbing to the pressure to be “just like Mike”.