After watching part of the NCAA D I football championship on Monday, I had to turn it off after a few minutes into the 3rd quarter.  It was evident that LSU was not going to change anything because they truly thought that if they kept doing the same thing that a different result would come about…  Thus, I turned off the tv and did some homework.

Yes, Alabama won, and they are national champions.  But, I do not feel satisfied.  I am left with a sour taste in my mouth.  However, I was not left with this sour taste in my mouth after last season.  It appeared to me that more than ever (with all of the great one loss teams this past season), this season proved why we need a play-off system for D I football.  (March Madness might be one of the best sporting events in all of America.)

I am ok that the championship might not be a good game.  Sometimes the Superbowl is a lousy game, but I am still satisfied who the champion is.  How can a championship game be picked by a computer picking which two team should play each other!?  Oh yeah, money is the answer.  The BCS is driven by money.

So, should a true champion be decided due to monetary reasons?  This does not seem correct.  Especially when dealing with what college athletics is supposed to be all about.  (That is entire other conversation.)

However, there are some rumors that some of the high ups in the BCS cartel (yes cartel) are thinking about converting over to a play-off system.

Maybe there is hope after all…