As a Denver local and Broncos fan, it seems that the most popular football player on everyone’s lips is Tim Tebow, and it’s quite a rollercoaster of reviews.  From “Tebow is starting to look like an NFL quarter back” to “Tebow knows how to pull it together under pressure” to “Tebow can’t do anything right” to “Stop fumbling the ball and complete some passes!” it seems that Tebow has heard and endured it all.  But the big question on everyone’s mind is “Will Tebow stay with the Broncos, or will Elway and Fox say goodbye?”

This question has finally been answered after the Broncos (big time) loss against the Patriots in the 2nd round of the playoffs; yes, Tebow will go into training camp as the Broncos starting quarterback, with all the support of Elway, Fox, and the rest of the Broncos team.  Tebow led the team to an unexpected, exciting win against the Steelers, seemingly proving his right to be the starting Broncos quarterback.  However, up against the Patriots it seemed that Tebow had fallen apart.  So how did Elway and Fox manage to assess whether Tebow was worth keeping?  What measures did they use?  What performances and skill aspects did they look at?

Fox and Elway certainly couldn’t have made their assessment and decision to keep Tebow based on his last games leading up to the play-offs, nor on the final game of the play-offs.  To them, it doesn’t seem to be solely up to the numbers on the scoreboard at the end of the game, or even Tebows (sometimes horrendous) statistics after a loss.  To make his assessment of Tebow, Elway focused on Tebow’s improvement and growth throughout the season, as well as Tebow’s strength, dedication, and determination given the circumstances and situation which Tebow was brought in as a starting quarterback.  Both Fox and Elway recognized when assessing Tebow that “to step in and all of a sudden become the starting quarterback, and you’re a second-year player that’s got about three games under your belt, you need some time”.  Elway also commends Tebow on his ability to ignore outside pressure from fans, broadcasters, etc. and remain unaffected by it.  Here we see that Tebow is not only assessed on the numbers that he produces, but on his strong mentality, his willingness and dedication, and his future potential that both Elway and Fox see in him.  Will Elway and Fox’s assessment of Tebow be “right”?  We’ll find out at the start of the 2012 football season.