After considerable discussion with current students taking this course I have decided to steer away from the traditional assessment blog format and get in touch with my creative side. After all, the professor wants these blogs to have personality, possibly spunk. There is no way my personality is going to shine through when I am writing a blog about a boring performance assessment. So, here is my version of spunk:

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Aspen, CO. with my [then] special man friend (smf) for a weekend of skiing, something that is very important and significant to both of us. While in Aspen my [then] smf got down on one knee and officially took this single lady off the market (FINALLY!!). I got to thinking, “what makes a perfect proposal?” Ladies, you are going to love this. Gentleman, you will thank me later when you finally decide to make an honest woman out of your special lady friend.

Now, I love my smf, but in order to get full credit, I am sure this assessment must be void of biases and saturated with reliability and validity. Now, I am sure proposals come in all sorts of sizes: ring, no ring (DISCLAIMER: The man proposing with no ring is probably no better off than a sinking cruise ship, sorry), dinner, fireworks (reserved for the one percent), family, on bended-knee, written high in the sky, written in a sandy beach…Really, the options are limitless, but the word count for this assignment is not. I guess you will have to wait until next week to find out how my well my smf did!