In the study by Harding and James, Performance Assessment Innovations for Elite Snowboarding, the objective performance of elite half-pipe snowboarders is examined. Currently half-pipe snowboarding is coached and judged using subjective measures; the authors of this article believe that the technology does exist to change subjective judging into objective judging, but the question is when/will the snowboarding community (coaches, judges, athletes, and support staff) embrace this technology? What do they have to gain or lose by using technology?

I see both sides of the argument, on the one hand, I see how the people who want to maintain the artistry and creativity of the sport want to keep the scoring subjective. This allows the scoring to be based on how the performance moves the judges in the moment, instead of strictly relying on a machine to determine an athletes score. The side of the argument that aligns more with my views on athletic judging, is both objective and technology based. Even though I am not overall a huge fan of technology, I believe when it comes to athletic performance judging, technology is the way to go. It is in my opinion that relying on technology instead of human judges will eliminate the bias that comes along with subjective judging. I believe it is only natural to look at a two time gold medal winner differently than a rookie when judging their performance. Ultimately, I believe that technology will help make judging more both more objective and fair, both aspects many subjectively scored sports could improve upon.