Webmd.com is a well known website enabling individuals to gain more information on symptoms they might be encountering, drug information, and now including mental health assessment.  Webmd.com gives basic information on mental health assessment including what Doctors may be looking for through symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, etc. While I would not send one of my athletes to Webmd.com for them to get more information on their symptoms, I do understand that people are using this website when they feel something may be wrong.  It is important in our field to understand where people are getting information on their mental health and health in general.

While gaining more information on the website there were a few items that stood out.  One being they advise having the individual keep a journal of their emotions, responses, and everyday life before meeting with a professional.  This could be extremely useful our field as it is a way for athletes and professionals to gain more self-awareness on their feelings and as way to see commonalities in their experiences and daily life.  With self-awareness being the first step leading to the instruction of mental skills it becomes more apparent that journaling can be a successful way of creating this awareness.

Another item that was comparable to what we use as an assessment is the use of an interview.  Webmd.com states that most likely the Doctor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist will use and interview style appointment in the first meeting.  While there are some differences in the questions, and goals of the interview between our field and the mental health field, there are also some similarities.   It is important for the field of sport psychology that we ask the important questions including overall mental health to understand the client to the fullest, but also know when it is outside our realm of education and to refer out.

While I would never refer a client to Webmd.com to receive mental health care it is important to know what is out there as well as using it to gain new ideas for our clients.