When I left you last week I was beginning to scratch the surface on the various types of proposals. To recap: ring, no ring (DISCLAIMER: The man proposing with no ring is probably no better off than a sinking cruise ship, sorry), dinner, fireworks (reserved for the one percent), family, on bended-knee, with a secrete photographer, placed in food (I would shy away from this, as I have heard way too many horror stories), written high in the sky, written in a sandy beach…

I can only imagine the pressure men feel when they finally decide to take the plunge. Chances are their significant other will be telling the story of how you proposed to friends and strangers for the rest of their life, so it is vital to make sure it’s memorable.

Most gentleman have a general or vague idea of how to propose, I mean how hard could it be: buy a ring, get down on one knee, and ask your lovely lady to marry you. Why then does it generally take men three times as long to finally come to this conclusion? To explore this phenomenon would most likely take light years, let’s stick to the topic at hand.

Gentleman: several things to keep in mind great engagements do not need to be expensive, they do however, need to be creative and thoughtful. And let’s not forget the engagement idea you do settle on should reflect you as couple and highlight the uniqueness of your relationship. Stay tuned for next week to hear the essentials.